Monday, January 9, 2012


Rear of Garage

Dingo Action

No More Moonscape

Resort Furniture From Freedom

Outdoor Seating

Outdoor Dining

Cleared Ready For Veggies and Puppy

Feature Bed Near Outdoor Room - Pony Tail Palm Should Get to 2m Eventually
Feature Bed Near Pool - The Grass Here Will Be Replaced With Gravel In The Future

Citrus Grove - Left to Right Orange, Lemon and Lime


  1. I thought I read in the Metricon documents that garden bed against the house are a no no. Not only does it infringe on the termite barrier, but also required watering which affects the moisture on the soil on the foundation.

    You might want to read some of your handover documents.

  2. As long as the garden bed is one brick or more below the termite barrier it is not a problem so that is exactly how we have planted the bed at the rear of the garage out. But thanks for your concerns