Monday, January 16, 2012

No Need To Water

It was 39 degrees at a week ago and the grass and plants were looking really thirsty and dry but this morning it is 19 and raining raining raining. The garden is soaked which is great for the grass and plants but for those areas yet to be landscaped its a different story as we now have deep mud and massive pools of water. Hopefully the weather wont delay the guys coming to finish the plants and mulch later in the week as it would be nice to get the formal garden completed.

I have started making a list for the 90 day service but so far it is very short and minor which I can only think must be a good thing. So far we are very happy new home owners.


  1. How come you guys have a 90day service. We had a 6month maintenance period from Metricon

  2. Hmmm I'm not sure may be it depends on when we signed up you know builders always changing the rules or it could be me having all my facts muddle up again as we have been so busy with the build, work and family. I will have to go back and check the paperwork.

  3. Oh and for anyone interested, the new puppy Angel is a little love, really beautiful and gentle, eager to please and learning quickly but oh boy can she howl when she is left alone at night!
    I'm sure it wont last for ever though

  4. Duh it is 6 months for the service and maintenance. I don't know where I got 90 days from that must be something else I was thinking of so we have until March and then M will contact us to ask for our paperwork etc. Amazing what your brain does at handover when you are in the midst of organising the removalists, pool people busy with work, kids and all that life has to offer. Now I wonder what it was about 90 days that i had heard?