Saturday, January 14, 2012


Who's left muddy foot prints and mess all over our pool pavers? Who's dropped loads of dusty stuff in my pool? And....Who's been sitting on my chair? The renderer that's who! Just make yourself at home why don't you then leave your mess for your paying customer to clean up after you! But thankfully we can breathe a sigh of relief as at last .......

The work on the pool is finished. The renderer came yesterday while we were out and obviously had his break at our outdoor table (put your chair back next time dude!). The wall looks great but the pavers around the pool looked like a heard of pigs had been running all over it when we got home, mud everywhere erm it wasn't a wet day so how have you walked mud everywhere. Mucky trades drive me nuts, erm there is a hose connected to the tap tight there you could have washed the mess off before you left. We are both glad it is finished and feel relieved that we never have to have anyone from that pool company here ever again as they just don't respect that this is someones home and not only a job that needs to get done.

So now we can get the final payment of the building loan organised, have the property valued and then switch the loan to a mortgage at a lower interest rate. Cool.

Now what colour to paint the wall?


  1. So you would not recommendedd the pool company you used? We are currently looking at pool companies because Metricon need to know where it is going to be positioned etc... Is there a reason why you went for a concrete pool over fibre glass? We were looking at concrete but have been recommended that we buy fibreglass because it is better for kids (we have four of them).

  2. Never even considered fibre glass. I had heard they can pop out of the ground if you have reactive soil like clay which expands lots when wet and conttracts when it dries out. Would I recommend the pool company? We got a great pool but felt the customer service was lacking, not enough communication and information. I think if we had not been doing both the pool, house and moving at the same time we would have felt differently but from our own experience I would not want to use them again.we have high expectations of how a company should deal with a client and these were not met but the workmanship I can't fault.