Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Start Delayed?

Got a call from the bank yesterday explaining that our application is still with the credit department as they only received our land and property valuations last Friday (over a week after the valuer had actually been out!). Fortunately it looks like all the numbers stack up but after the last fiasco we had with the bank when we remortgaged the investment property to buy the block of land I am not holding my breath until the official papers are ready to sign. Our mortgage manager said he can organise a letter for the CSC at Metricon giving authority to commence construction which is great. Spoke with our CSC about start date of this Friday 13th to be told oh nothing will happen for at least a couple of weeks after that as we have to book your job in, place orders and organise trades. Oh so apparently they don't put the wheels in motion until they know for definite you are able to pay. Fair enough but it's slightly disappointing - nobody on our land release has started their builds yet and we were sort of hoping to be the first. I guess seeing as we haven't even paid the balance of the deposit yet we have done well to get this far as to date we have only paid $5k out of the $20+k they required.
So it's time to stop rushing, no more worrying about the clock ticking, go back to waiting and accept that we will be squashed into the apartment for at least a month longer than we thought.

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  1. It always takes longer to start than you expect. I found it frustrating too but best to have your attitude...relax and wait for it to happen. Stressing won't help it move any quicker:) It will start be fore you know it.