Thursday, May 12, 2011

More Variations - Building Compliance

What More Paperwork?
Our CSC phoned yesterday to let us know that the compliance team had spotted a couple of things that needed attention for example because we have opted for a 2340mm front door the bulk head in the entry way needs to be made smaller or we can choose a smaller front door err just change the bulk head please. The vanities have been drawn at standard height but the ones noted in our contract are taller than this for some reason, now seeing as Sandy and I are both vertically challenged in the height department I explained we had not asked for taller units just to have the pedestals the same as the ones noted in the contract. Now they have to generate yet another variation form for us to sign off - I hope the changes mean we might save some money?!


  1. You wouldn't want any variations to cost you more, or else the bank would be asking what's going on.

  2. Exactly - and also I don't want to be spending anymore money either

  3. We ended up paying more when we did the building compliance.

    Congratulation on selecting the Nolan. We were originally going for the Nolan as well but ended up with Whittaker coz it had a 50sq option. Nolan has a very nice layout.

    BTW, You guys seem to have fly though the paper work prior to construction. It took us more than 8 month before construction started so I think u have done very well! We had a bad customer co-coordinator....

  4. Ah! Variations. We got up to Number 32 I think. We asked for the base of the cabinets to be 250mm off the floor (standard is 200mm), but overall height remain the same effectively making the vanity unit look slimmer if you know what I mean. It took a while to get them to make sure it was the same for powder, bath and ensuite. We also got floating vanities, removing the tiled base. This was a no cost option for M, but amazingly some builders charge for this.

  5. First variation for altering the bulk head arrived - phew no extra cost