Thursday, May 5, 2011

Fire Ants

In eager anticipation of our site start we have booked our fire ant inspection. Apparently we need the all clear before any soil can be disturbed or removed. Fingers crossed the little critters aren't making themselves at home on our land.


  1. We are still in the tender stage & nothing has been mentioned about Fire Ants Inspection. Was this included or another 'extra' ?

  2. It is a stipulation of Brisbane City Council/Queensland via the DPI (dept of primary industries). It is a free service, they come and check your site then issue you with a certificate which is vaild for 28 days. So if you are still excavating or moving soil once that time has elapsed they will come and do another visit each time at no charge.
    DPI 3310 2846 or for more information.
    Obviously regulations will vary from state to state.
    I'm guessing that builders will normally apply for their own inspection but we got our own organised as we need a certificate to give to the pool builder as part of his contract with us.

  3. Thank you so much for the above info. We are building in Coomera region which is Gold Coast City Council, I wonder if the same applies as we do back onto bushland & the river. Lillii