Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Key Milestones

Received an e-mail today from our Customer Service Consultant (CSC) introducing herself and explaining the Key Milestones in the lead up to our build.
The Key Milestones
1. Soil testing, survey and preliminary contract
2. Contract signing after which colour, electrical and tile consultation appointments will be organised. (Now I thought this would have been done prior to signing the final contract as obviously what we choose for bricks, roof tiles , kitchen finishes, electrical layout, carpets, tiles and so will surely affect the final contract and price?). CSC also suggests going to Studio M to look at colour selections and tiles but omits to even tell us where they are...hmmm that's useful.
3. Formal selections for tiles, colours and electrical. We have heard bad things about the electrical consultations regarding lack of information, displays, choice and assistance from the electrical consultants who are not Metricon but a third party contracted to them. Hoping that some of the issues we have heard about will have been rectified by the time we get round to planning out electrics. However we will not be taking chances so will be going in with as much information and as many ideas as possible. The plan start making a list now. Any tips?
4. Lodgement to private certifier/council. The building approval documentation has to be lodged and rubber stamped before the build commences.
Note at this stage M will want a 5% deposit.

Better e-mail CSC to get Studio M details don't fancy my chances of a reply as it's so close to Christmas now.

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