Monday, December 13, 2010

Getting Ideas

Not much to report right now as we are waiting for our Preliminary Contract.. Been using the time checking out images of M homes and the Studio M and Tile studio websites and seeing as many display homes as possible.The problem with this is that we keep seeing more and more things we'd really like to have in our house so the wish list is getting longer and longer and we have no idea how much any of the alterations or add ons will cost. It doesn't do any harm to dream though! We are trying to be as prepared as possible with our choices and have a back up option in case something costs far too much. 

Pool - like this?

We also want to put in a pool down one side of the house so have been looking at who we might use for this. Metricon will need to have an idea of where the pool will be as this may mean extra reinforcing to the structure of the house (more cost) and whether we are having it installed during the build or after.

Will post a list of upgrades from the Neo Dusk promo and the ones we have selected soon along with some photos and prices where we have them.

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