Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The House is on the Market

We have a few months before the land settlement is due so in an attempt to save money we have decided to get the house sold and move in to our temporary accommodation. The house needed a few finishing touches like repairing worn decking boards and fully repainting inside and out. I was horrified by how much we had been quoted for painting with quotes coming in about $10k more than we had anticipated, either these guys are using gold plated brushes or they are taking the mickey. Finally we approached the painter who did the work at our business and he came in with a figure which was much more realistic. Unfortunately he had a motorbike crash on his way home from day 2 of our job and ended up out of action for over a month which meant instead of the house going on the market end Oct it is now Dec. By now the housing market is more unstable with buyers nervous that house prices are dropping and they may end up paying over the odds, fingers crossed we will get a quick sale and a decent price.
The house looks great on the real estate photos so should attract potential buyers.

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