Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Studio M

Back to work after a lovely relaxing break.
Got e-mail from CSC today with address of Studio M, Tile Studio and electrical. Even provided a little map to make it easier for us to find. Everything is in Robina which is on the Gold Coast and will take us about an hour to get there but hey we can always make a day of it and go to the beach afterwards, if it ever stops raining! The beach would not a bad idea with a 4 yr old in tow as he'll be a bit tired after the drive and going round a showroom. Luckily for us he loves looking at house plans and choosing colours especially if he can take samples home with him so hopefully we can keep him engaged long enough to start getting a feel of what's on offer.

Studio M have samples, colours, doors and door handles, kitchen and bathroom ideas, taps, tiles and much more for you to put your mark and style into your home. They are open Saturday 9.30 - 3.00 so you can have a browse, start gathering ideas and see what options are available.This will be worth a visit as we haven't really given this much detailed thought and believe you can never be over prepared. Nothing worse than turning up to the colour selection appointments without an clue then ending up making pressured decisions which you may live to regret. (Think we'll get Nana to look after the boy when we have our selection appointments).

Websites Studio M and Tile Studio

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