Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Wow what is happening 75% of Queensland is underwater and now Brisbane is a wash. Fortunately both our home and business are up high and dry. Have lost power at work so had to shut and am now either at home watching the news or looking at the flood water rising over the Centenary Highway and near our block of land which an elderly neighbour reckoned may have gone under in '74. The land is fine but unfortunately the same can't be said for so many others whose homes have been completed trashed. It's going to take a long time for Brisbane to recover from this.
I also couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the news coverage of the Toowoomba tsunami at first I thought it must have been a third world country having a flash flood not a town right here on the doorstep. Absolutely terrible - they had so little warning.
Many suburbs here are totally cut off with no power or food and the media only seems to be focusing on the CBD and inner suburbs and the flood peak on Thursday. Let's hope it doesn't go as high as they are predicting and goes down quickly. I have been on the weather site and the river is at 13m at Jindalee.
Strangely it is a beautiful sunny day and there are loads of glorious butterflies everywhere.

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