Saturday, May 12, 2012

Service and Maintenance Visit

The nice man from the service and maintenance dept came to pay a visit yesterday with our list of minor issues in hand. We expected he'd just have a look then organise the tradies to come out to do what was needed but much to our surprise he attended to all the jobs himself right there and then! He had everything he needed in his van and was very helpful pointing things out and explaining why we were having issues with things like sliding doors sticking and so on. How's that for service?
The only outstanding work now is that the painters need to come to attend to some touch ups and totally repaint the wall going up the stairs which had such a poor plaster finish that it has almost had to be completely reskimmed as it was full of gouges and dents. Oh and the plumber has to come out to see why the main WC toilet doesn't flush completely. So  for a score out of 10 we give service and maintenance a 9 so far. Well done Metricon Qld!


  1. Hi Rachel and Sandy hope all your drainage issues are resolved now. I had a question about the blue wall sarking you got, did you specifically ask for this or was presented to you as an option?

    1. Hi Brad
      Yes it looks like the drainage issues are mostly resolved, we are awaiting installation of a retaining wall between us and the metricon build nextdoor and hopefully then all be sorted.
      The blue wall sarking or wrap is standard and has been used not only on our bulid but all the other M homes on the estate. However our package did not include extra insulation due to when we signed our contracts. The newer builds get wall insullation batts and a basic solar electric system of 1.5Kw

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