Friday, March 18, 2011

Finding Out The Price of Things

Greetings from Hoi An Vietnam, we are having a fantastic holiday but felt to share this gem of information.

We have a rough plan for our electicals and started to panic about costs once the number of downlights went over 70 having heard they were $100 each! Quick bit of maths tells me that's $7000 just on lights......Noooo!!! That can't be right.

So plan b quickly start to cross things out or go for what would seem to be a cheaper option. Not happy with having to compromise on our dream house Sandy made a really brilliant observation....How can we do a budget when we have no clear idea of how much everything costs, would it not be easier to just ask Metricon in advance? Genius!!! Just shoot off a quick e-mail to the CSC asking how much for lights, power points etc etc.
Got a lovley email back with the following prices:

External double power points $152 each
Outdoor lights (not flood lights) $134-$170 each (up and down light, depending on the finish, etc)
Ceiling fans $275 each (white, 4 blade, 52 inch)
Cfl downlights $105 each (full price, does not include credit for batten holder of $63)
TV point $80 each
Telephone point $95 each
Satellite/ Foxtel point? $160 each (satellite)
2 way light switch $54 each
3 way light switch $79 each

Internal double power point $63

Now doesn't that make things so much easier? So the moral of the story is if there is anything you need to know just ask Metricon.
Now we can go back to our plans with a much better idea of what we are spending.

That's all for now as we are heading off on a boat trip this morning and there is so much wonderful food I am yet to sample here in beautiful Vietnam.

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